8 Things You’ll Miss When Your Baby Isn’t a Baby Anymore

When you’re listening to your baby’s supersonic cries, changing diapers (so many diapers), or dealing with the uncanny way that they spit up the moment you finally wriggle them into their sweet baby clothes, you can’t wait until they transition to being a toddler. But you’ll find plenty of things that’ll make you shed a tear when you think back to the baby days. Try to totally cherish these eight things about your baby while they’re still your teeny little one.

 1. The Smell: No, not the demon-esque diaper aroma that stealthily creeps out of your baby’s bottom. What you’ll want to remember is that powdery smell your freshly washed baby has. There’s nothing like it, and there’s no other time in her life that she’ll have that scent again. Seriously. It’s all apple juice, day-old tempera paint, and mud from now on.

2. Teeny, Tiny Hands: That first time your baby grips your pinky with her whole hand is absolutely heart-stopping. Okay, it might just be the palmer grasp reflex in action (newborns will grip any object that’s placed in their palms). But it’s also beyond cute.

 3. Gurgles and Giggles: Your baby can’t discuss world politics, but she can make super-sweet noises. Someday she’ll be a precious preschooler who won’t stop asking “Why?” but right now she’s gurgling and giggling away. The bounty of bubbly noises coming from her happy little mouth will put a smile on yours - now and when you think back about them.

4. Super Snuggles: Yes, your kiddo will continue to snuggle up to you for years to come. But, she might not do so with such complete joy and abandon. You’re rocking her to sleep and she’s nestling into you. Someday you’ll look at your taller-than-you teenager and remember when she could fit perfectly around your shoulder.

 5. The Cutest Little Clothes: Someday you’ll channel your own mother and shudder when your 16-year-old tries to walk out the door wearing a mini that barely even exists. Cherish those sweet sleepers, awesomely adorable onesies, and teddy bear fuzzy jackets while you can.

6. Celebrating Fabulous Firsts: The first year is packed with milestones. Smiling, sitting, cooing, babbling, crawling, eating solids, holding a block, and so, so, so much more. Even though your kiddo continues to grow and develop, those first major markers are perfectly priceless.

7. Chubby Legs: Her thighs jiggle like jelly. The rolls and folds that are so pinch-worthy now will soon melt away. That’s okay, because you’ll have the pics to prove that your baby once looked like a tiny little Santa Claus.

8. Crazy Joy: Yep, you’ll feel the joy. But, your baby shows it to the zillionth degree. She somehow manages to work herself up into a drool-fueled froth, squealing with delight that’s so pure it practically melts your heart. Sure, your child will laugh, giggle, and smile ear-to-ear plenty later on in life. But nothing will compare to those baby days of absolute unbridled glee.

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by:Erica Loop

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