Welcome to Isabella's Place!

For Christmas we decided that we would build Isabella her very own outdoor playhouse!  A very excited me just couldn't wait to get started!! My mind went into overdrive with all the ideas of what I could do on the inside, what colours I wanted to paint it, all the cute and pretty things I could get for the house.  I was just willing December to come around.  My next mission was to some how keep it a secret from my little munchkin! Hmmm .... Thanks to my lovely mother inlaw, the munchkin was ship to nan's for a extended sleep over.  We ended up having only 2 days to put the house up, paint the inside and out and also furbishing it.  Gosh, thinking back now I don't know how we managed to get everything done!!  Hubby and I was working like little crazy people!!
  by:  Vanessa

Anyhow, after months & months of waiting building day FINALLY arrived!! Yippee!! As I said we worked like crazy and got it all done and really for the munchkin to get the biggest surprise of her life on Christmas morning.  And what a fantastic Christmas morning it was!!  She couldn't quite believe what she was seeing and she was almost to scared to go inside, it was so super cute.

I had lots of fun shopping for all the furniture and little pretty things.  The weekend markets and Trademe became my best friend!  My brother brought her a new mixer and cupcake set for her christmas present and fitted perfectly in her new house.

There are still a few things we need to finish like painting the support beams, but all in all it is the perfect little house for our munchkin.  I'm so looking forward to watching her play in her house with all her friends.  Using their imaginations and creating their own little world.

Happy Baking

by:  Vanessa

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