When is the Best Time to Have Baby Shower

 When you are going to have a baby shower, this is a personal choice. You

 can hold only 4-6 weeks before or after childbirth. In addition, a baby shower can be held every day of the week and any time of day that fits into a mother, her family or guests.

Traditionally, baby showers are held before birth and this is very common. It is a matter of personal choice and convenience. If you are going to hold a baby shower before the birth, this is a good choice. Better reward should relate to the newborn and use of gender-neutral colors.

Baby showers are held one or two months after giving birth has become popular today. It will be their own advantages, the mother may be concerned with the pregnancy. Mom no longer has a big belly so that it can participate in games and other activities. You can also eat whatever he likes, such as when she was pregnant. Another advantage if you have a baby shower after the baby’s birth is that you can be sure that the gift can be related to the sex of the baby who had been born.

So whatever you are going to have a baby shower, before or after will be fine. But this is an idea not to hold a baby shower too close to the date of birth. Because this is not too good for the health of the mother to take food or take part in activities and games. It also can cause the baby to arrive late or premature.

Held a baby shower before the baby is born will be a very pleasant thing for a mother who first saw the fore last month of her pregnancy. It would also be very nice for the prospective father, he can play and dream with prizes while waiting for their baby. For the second baby, baby shower can be held before or after the baby is born. Having a baby shower after the birth will make gifts are selected according to the sex of the baby and mother are more relaxed.

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