5 Ways Your S.O. Can Help During Your Pregnancy

Hey supermom, when you’re in a relationship, you don’t have to go it alone for all three trimesters. Regardless of what age you’re getting pregnant, your other half isn’t just a random bystander: They’re by your side and ready to help. But even though your S.O. wants to pitch in, that doesn’t mean they know what you want them to do, so speak up! Check out how your partner can help you stay calm during pregnancy - and how you can let them know exactly what you need.

1. Go to the grocery store. Ah, there’s nothing like walking around on hard tile floors while pushing an overflowing cart for an hour or so. Really. Nothing. Now add on your bulging belly, an aching back, and swollen feet: even more fun! We get it - you’re super-picky about what you eat, and someone has to buy the ingredients to make those peanut butter and pickle sandwiches you’ve been dreaming about… but it doesn’t have to be you. With your food cravings in mind, write out a list, text it to bae, and let someone else do the shopping for now.

2. Let you sleep. Sometimes it’s not what your significant other does… it’s what they don’t do. Whether we’re talking about those 6am weekend wake-ups to walk Fido or just acknowledging that the mama-to-be needs her rest, your S.O. needs to adjust to the change in routine and leave you alone to sleep in. If they’re not getting it (or they think that early-morning cuddles are an actual reason to wake you up), get vocal! Clearly say what you need from them. If they still keep forgetting, turn off the alarm and leave a “please do not disturb” sign on the clock.

3. Do the bendy chores. At some point in your pregnancy, you’ll realize that you simply can’t bend at the waist. Reaching down to scrub the baseboards, change the dust ruffle on your bed, or clean the litter box just isn’t going to happen. Keep your partner updated on how your growing belly affects your ability to move. Chances are that they don’t even realize that you can no longer bend over or that squatting for anything more than a few seconds isn’t an option.

4. Handle the stairs. The last thing you need right now is to trip over your feet (yes, they’re still down there) as you vacuum dust bunnies off of the landing. It’s time to turn over the stair-related tasks to your honey. That means shoveling, raking, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and all the other things you do on the stairs - inside or out - need to transition entirely into your partner’s care right now. It’s easy to lose track of just how much gets done around the house each month, so keep a list you can add to whenever you think of a new stair-chore.

5. Cook al fresco. Sounds silly, right? But your “morning” sickness is suddenly taking over your life. The mere scent of meat makes you heave, and if the so-called love of your life bakes fish one more time, you might end up barfing all over the kitchen counter. Now that the weather is turning warmer again, suggest a good ol’ outdoor grilling session. It will ease your super-scent issues while still letting your boo cook up what they want.

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by:Erica Loop

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